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The best in Boudoir and Glamour Photographs

        We are Boston's premier boudoir and glamour photographers with over 20 years of combined experience creating sexy and lustful portraits of women, men, and couples. Every client is different, has their own personality and ideas of what sexy is. Thus When we are booked we have a whole process of getting to know you, your ideas and dream and then we tailor our process to match. The endeavor to make the entire process exhilarating and memorable from planning, to shooting, till the moment you give your special someone their fit. Let our staff of Photographers and stylists create outstanding and beautiful sexy images for you! No tricks, no cut corners, only amazing images!

How we work

        When an individual or couple books us for a personal photo session, the first goal we have is to get to know their unique personality. We want to know who they are, what makes them tick, and what do they love about themselves. We schedule an initial meeting for this purpose. From there we discuss ideas, show samples of past work, talk about possibilities and what they are comfortable with. The idea is that we are creating a portrait of their entire personality, but accenting their passionate, sexy, and erotic side.

Sample of lingerie shoot:

Samples of pinup style shoot:

Sample of edgy glamor shoot:

        There are countless methods and genres of Boudoir. We can do traditional lingerie, pin-up, edgy glamour, or abstracts. The important concept though is that we remain true to the subject's real personality. We have a questionnaire that we give all new clients to fill out. Once that is done, we will design the shoot.

Why work with us?

        Simply put, we see the very best and the true beauty in each and every one of our clients. Furthermore, I believe that anyone willing to hire use to create a unique each of self portraiture, then they deserve nothing less then the absolute best we can offer. We strive to first get to know each and every client personally. From there we can design the perfect shoot, the most authentic images, and create the absolute largest customer satisfaction. We will draw on our 15 years of portrait experience with visualizing, posing, lighting, using props, outfits, lens choice, as well as post production to create images you will truly love.

The shoot itself

        Based on which package is purchased we will shoot at their the client's residence or a location that is appropriate to the theme and style of the shoot. The client's comfort and security is of the utmost importance. We welcome companions at all shoots, and the only person from the studio to attend will be the photographer.

        The shoot typically last two hours or more depending on the package purchased. We have years of experience directing clients with little or no experience having professional portraits captured. We do not believe in stiff barked posing orders. Instead in our studio we activity based posing. We will give our clients an activity to perform such as bushing her hair, buttoning a shirt, or even jumping on the bed. Then, because we are doing digital photography, we can capture a burst of images and select the one magic moment in that activity which will yield an amazing image.

Who are we interested in?

  Although boudoir is typically thought of as a woman's portrait genre, we know different. We are interested in working with woman, men, and couples. Our work is extremely value to anyone who appreciates portraits which showcase their intimacy.

The Process

        As stated earlier, our process begins with getting to know the client through meetings and a questionnaire. We will then design and carry out the shoot. Approximately two weeks later, we will give the the client access to a password protected gallery on our site. No one can access it but the client. Depending on the package purchased, the client will either simply receive a USB drive of the images or start the album design process.

        All of our clients will receive 2 duplicate USB drive of their shoot. The images will be cleaned up for color, exposure, and other aspects. Then they will be uploaded to the drive and delivered to the client. The client has the option of purchasing prints from the studio. We offer a wide variety of print media such as different papers and canvas as well as countless sizes. However the client is not required to purchased prints from us.

  If their package includes an album, we ask the client to select their favorite images from the gallery, typically around two or three dozen depending on the size of the album. We will then work with them to design an album which is unique and beautiful. Typical delivery time for an album is two weeks.


        Privacy is of the utmost priority at Boston Beauty Shots. We respect our clients and we respect their privacy. Therefore, while we are in possession of their images, every precaution will be taken to ensure they stay secure. The galleries are password protected. Furthermore, once the images and / or albums have been delivered to the client, and their arrival confirmed by the client, we deleted our copies. We keep no archive of client's work. All images shown in our public portfolio are the result of photo-shoots which were planned with the specific intent of using them for portfolio, and the subjects in them were well aware of that. No client work is ever shown publicly. Finally, although we request references and reviews from all clients, if it is their wish to not have their session be know to anyone, we will comply. We ensure complete confidentiality.

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