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        My name is Greg Hitchcock and I'm a photographer from Chicago, a resident of Boston, and the founder of Boston Beauty Shots.

        For as long as I remember I've been inspired to create. Ever since I discovered my passion for photography it's been my obsession. It is the channel through which I capture the beauty that surrounds me every day. The beauty in people, things, places. Anything that inspires me to capture it and to preserve that special moment forever.

        I am a strong believer that there are three things that make a truly memorable photo. One being the authentic moment and the emotion that you capture. Whether it portrays or evokes it, it's how the photo makes you feel as a viewer and the story it tells. It's how it makes you come back to it again and again just to do a double-take.

        Another being light. Light is magic. It's here one second and gone the next. A great photograph isn't just taken, it's anticipated, envisioned, and only then can it be created. Good light is what transforms an ordinary photo into one that is truly unforgettable and mastering light is an art form.

        Lastly, there's the photographer's personal style. Whether it's composition, post-processing, or just that little extra something that makes their photos instantly recognizable and makes them stand out from the millions of others, it is something that takes years to develop and is something that I'm refining with every photo I take.

  These are the thoughts that go through my mind every time I look through the viewfinder. Boston Beauty Shots is my creative outlet.

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